Pediatric Cataract Surgery: Techniques, Complications and Management, 2nd Edition Retail PDF

Pediatric Cataract Surgery 2By

  • M. Edward Wilson Jr. MD
  • Rupal H. Trivedi MD

Although uncommon, the occurrence of cataracts in very young patients can result in significant impairment—and can lead to blindness. This practical guide delivers need-to-know information to help clinicians treat pediatric patients with cataracts with a range of therapies and essential guidance on the management of complications.
Explore the only reference devoted exclusively to pediatric cataract management!

  • 13 new chapters highlight the latest advances in bilateral cataract surgery, intraocular heparin treatment, treatment of traumatic cataracts, pre- and postoperative management, and techniques appropriate for patients in developing nations.
  • 4 hours of online procedural video accompany the text—giving readers a clinician’s view of essential procedures. A great way to refine technique, improve outcomes, avoid pitfalls, and manage potential complications.
  • Quick-reference format helps readers locate vital information at a glance.


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