FAQs in Ophthalmology

FAQs in OphthalmologyBy

  • Prajna N Venkatesh

This book FAQs in Ophthalmology is a compilation of the frequently asked questions and the answers expected in a postgraduate ophthalmology examination. The examination time is a tough period to any student facing it, and a quick and concise revision is required for the student to pass it. While this book is not a replacement to the standard textbooks in ophthalmology, it will boost the self-confidence of the postgraduates to face their exams with confidence. These questions have been painstakingly gathered over a 10-year period from the collective experience of several senior teachers at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India and the answers have been constantly refined. Apart from the exam-oriented questions, this book also contains examples of case sheet writing and different management scenarios, which will help the students to logically analyze and answer in a coherent manner.


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