Cosmetic and Clinical Applications of Botox and Dermal Fillers Edition 2

by William J. Lipham

There has been a recent explosion of public interest in less invasive facial rejuvenation products and treatments. At the forefront of this trend are botulinum toxin, or BOTOX®, injections and a wide array of dermal filler agents.

Cosmetic and Clinical Applications of BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers, Second Edition is an invaluable text that delves into this once guarded topic. Dr. William J. Lipham has updated this second edition to include new chapters, addressing important information for anyone interested in expanding their clinical practice in this area.

Topics inside the book include:
• Mechanism of action of BOTOX® as well as the facial muscle anatomy required for proper administration into appropriate muscle groups
• Storage and reconstitution of BOTOX® and Reloxin/Dysport®
• Functional disorders such as blepharospasm, Meige syndrome, hemifacial spasm, and strabismus
• Cosmetic applications for BOTOX®
• Cosmetic filler agents such as human collagen, hyaluronic acid, and poly-l-lactic acid

Features of the Second Edition:
• Use of 162 illustrations and photographs to convey a variety of injection techniques
• New chapter on the use of BOTOX® to decrease the severity and frequency of headache disorders such as migraine, tension-type headache, and chronic daily headache
• New chapter on how practitioners can market and integrate these services into their clinical practice
• Extensively updated chapter on the cosmetic applications of dermal filler agents, including recently FDA-approved compounds like Juvéderm™ and Perlane® as well as hyaluronic acid fillers that are awaiting FDA approval, including Restylane Fine Lines® and Puragen™.

Additionally, an accompanying DVD with over 60 minutes of supplemental video is included to demonstrate the techniques discussed.

DVD topics include BOTOX® treatment of:
• Forehead and frown lines
• Nasal “bunny” lines
• Chemical browlift
• Platysmal bands
• Blepharospasm
• Hemifacial spasm

The DVD also demonstrates the proper use of hyaluronic acid filler agents including:
• Restylane®
• Juvéderm Ultra™

Cosmetic and Clinical Applications of BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers, Second Edition is perfect for anyone interested in the use of BOTOX® and dermal filler agents for a wide variety of functional and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures. General ophthalmologists, anterior segment surgeons, dermatologists, facial plastic surgeons, residents, and fellows alike will benefit from adding this valuable text and DVD to their collection.


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