Review of Uveitis

by Russell N. Van Gelder, Anita Prasad

As the first text geared specifically toward reviewing current information on ocular inflammation and uveitic disease, Review of Uveitis is an essential resource for students, residents, fellows, and practicing clinicians, as well as general and subspecialist ophthalmologists looking to refresh their knowledge in the field.

Drs. Russell Van Gelder and Anita Prasad have organizedReview of Uveitis in a useful Q&A format, covering both basic mechanisms of ocular inflammation and specific clinical entities. The in-depth review answers provide focus on understanding disease processes, diagnosis, and treatment.

Some topics include:
• Basic mechanisms of ocular inflammation
• Signs, symptoms, and classification of uveitis
• Laboratory testing for uveitic disease
• Local and systemic treatments for all forms of uveitis
• Complications of uveitis
• Systemic disease associations of uveitic conditions
• Differential diagnosis of different presentations of uveitis
• Pars planitis and intermediate uveitis
• Infectious and autoimmune forms of posterior uveitis
• A review of the white dot syndromes

Special Features:
• User-friendly Q&A format, with chapters organized by topic
• Illustrations of disease processes and mechanisms, including many color photographs and diagrams
• Review of current recommendations regarding systemic and surgical treatment of uveitis
• Inclusion of over 200 clinically based questions ranging from basic to advanced
• In depth answers to most uveitis questions encountered by the comprehensive and specialty clinician
• Up-to-date primary literature references for each chapter


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