Gonioscopy: A Text and Atlas (with Goniovideos)

Author: Dada Tanuj, Sharma Reetika, Sobti Amit

Glaucoma is the leading cause for irreversible blindness in the world and in India. It is estimated that currently nearly 70 million people are affected by glaucoma worldwide and 7 million are blind due to glaucoma. Treatment of glaucoma depends on the correct diagnosis and identification of cause of increased intraocular pressure. Gonioscopy becomes very important for the correct treatment of this disease. It is a difficult task and even today many ophthalomologists do not perform gonioscopy or perform it inaccurately. This requires practical training which can be put to use for the care of glaucoma patients. This book with simple language and wide collection of gonio-photographs and gonio-videos will help residents and general ophthalmologists to master this important examination technique. The book illustrates the whole examination technique which is divided in various chapters to make it simple and easy to understand. In this book, history, principle, indications and different gonioscopy techniques have been described in details. It also illustrates various diseases with good quality gonio-photographs and gonio-videos. Gonio-videos describing various techniques of doing gonioscopy will be definitely a great asset for the beginners. Retcam gonioscopy has also been described. This book will definitely be an important step in the adequate training in gonioscopy for residents as well as general ophthalmologists.


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