Manual of Oculoplasty Orbitopathies and Dacryology

Author: Goswamy Subhash

This book, Manual of Oculoplasty, Orbitopathies and Dacryology, deals with Oculoplasty, Orbitopathies and Dacryology. This manual is not intended to be a traditional textbook, but a practical way of looking at a problem, then devising a plan of management best suited for that situation and for that patient, innovatively, with our background of morphological, genetic, physiological and pathological knowledge and its variations, besides the personal experience and the solution best suited to appease the psyche of the patient. This Manual and its Atlas is for the postgraduates, especially interested in the super-specialty of ‘Ophthalmoplasty’ including oculoplasty, orbitopathies and dacryology. In the field of oculoplasty, there is not one procedure to suit the same diagnosis, because there are many variations of that level leading up to the varied deformities. Each case has to be assessed according to its merits and there is nothing better than your own experience—a holistic approach and a scientific attitude.


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