The Retina : A Guide to Self-Assessment

Melvin J. Gouder

This book covers the entire spectrum of retinology from basic genetics to clinical assessment, from common diseases to rare syndromes, and from simple medical treatment to complex vitreoretinal surgical procedures. The reader will learn about the retina in its entirety, which is fundamental to ophthalmic expertise. To aid in self-assessment, the book includes multiple-choice questions in exam format, which include detailed answers and are supplemented with diagrams and photos (from the author’s personal library of patient photos).

The book is intended for those sitting for the popular post-graduate degrees in ophthalmology in Europe (EBO), the traditional Royal College of Ophthalmology exams (RCO) and their Asian counterparts, including the ICO. It will also be of interest to qualified ophthalmic surgeons/ophthalmologists and can be used to self-assess readers’ current state of knowledge.


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