Learning Strabismus Surgery: A Case-Based Approach Retail PDF

Learning Strabismus Surgery A Case Based ApproachBy

  • Dean M Cestari MD Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Neuro-Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus Service, Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • David G. Hunter MD, PhD David G. Hunter, MD, PhD, Ophthalmologist-in-Chief and Richard M. Robb Chair Children’s Hospital BostonProfessor and Vice Chair of Ophthalmology Harvard Medical School, Boston

Ideal for both the student seeking a firmer understanding of strabismus surgery and the experienced surgeon looking to improve clinical decision-making, this practical resource uses a case-based approach to help readers conceptualize, plan, and perform complex strabismus procedures at every difficulty level.

With this handy reference, you’ll examine complex cases—each with a unique set of clinical findings—then analyze the information, choose a surgical approach, and make a detailed plan for the procedure, all the while being guided by the steady hands of experienced strabismus surgeons.

At the end of each case you’ll review the findings and think about what worked – and what could have been done better.  Then you’ll take a short-answer quiz to lock in the key concepts.

Look inside and discover…

  • Fifty-two real-world cases help you apply surgical concepts and optimize patient outcomes
  • Labeled difficulty levels from “basic” to “expert” help you find the right complexity for focused review
  • Comprehensive cross-referencing lets you focus on the cases you need to review when you need them
  • Expert perspectives help you assess complex cases, weigh your options, and refine clinical choices
  • Extensive video library brings you into the operating room to watch the experts operate
  • Review questions improve recall and make it easy to prepare for certification examinations
  • Reader-friendly format condenses vital surgical information into one handy reference


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