Premium Cataract Surgery: A Step-By-Step Guide

by John A., Ed. Hovanesian Ed.
In Premium Cataract Surgery: A Step-by-Step Guide, Dr. John A. Hovanesian presents the complicated subject of premium cataract surgery in an approachable manner for all cataract surgeons looking to elevate their skill level and improve patient experience. Premium Cataract Surgery: A Step-by-Step Guide packages all aspects of premium surgery into a practical guide for eye surgeons who wish to take their practices to a new level by offering cataract patients refractive solutions, such as astigmatism and presbyopia correction. Both well-established and new techniques and implants are presented in chapters that are organized by topic and detailed step-by-step. Chapters cover every subject related to premium surgery, including how-to chapters on microincision technique, toric implants, limbal relaxing incisions, advanced monovision, multifocals, and accommodating lenses. Enhancement strategies such as piggyback lenses, laser enhancement, and incisional surgery are presented as separate and complete solutions. In addition to surgical solution strategies, Dr. Hovanesian focuses this book on the psychology of creating a premium practice. Non technical matters such as patient screening, ethics, communicating the value of lenses, and managing the unhappy patient are thoroughly presented with easy-to-adopt ideas for the resident or seasoned veteran. Administrative Matters Addressed:
• Equipment and staffing needs
• Pricing
• Medicare compliance
• Marketing
• Communicating with pre operative and post operative patients Premium Cataract Surgery: A Step-by-Step Guide explores every angle of premium surgery and practice and offers improvements for all levels of surgeons, from the resident to the experienced clinician, resulting in a top experience and a lifetime of premium vision for the patient.


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