Clinical Vision Science : A Concise Guide to Numbers, Laws, and Formulas

Gunnar Schmidtmann

This book provides a concise and user-friendly guide to the most common and important numbers, laws and formulas in clinical vision science. Clinicians and trainees in ophthalmology, optometry, orthoptics, and ophthalmic dispensing, who are seeking an easy-to-use lab coat pocket size resource, will find this book to be an essential reference in clinical practice.

Clinical Vision Science: A Concise Guide to Numbers, Laws, and Formulas is clearly structured into basics, physical optics, visual optics and ophthalmic lenses, optical instruments, photometry, visual perception, clinical procedures, and anatomy & binocular vision. Each chapter contains a range of tables, formulas, large illustrations and flow charts to allow readers to quickly and accurately find key facts for each type of examination procedure.


Note: Only Ophthalmology member can download this ebook. Learn more here!

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