Management of Refractive Errors & Prescription of Spectacles

by Shukla Yogesh

The Management of Refractive Errors and Prescription of Spectacles depicts refraction and treatment of refractive errors in the field of ophthalmology, particularly to increase the yield of satisfied patients and sharpen the judgment and skills of the superspecialists or ophthalmologist. Proper evaluation of refractive errors and spectacle prescription is an integral part of ophthalmic practice. Even a patient with early cataract can be very suitably corrected with spectacles and continue his daily work for a long-time. The book possesses clinical points that can aid in finding the refractive error properly and translating it into the best possible pair of glasses. Though certain relevant refraction tests and procedures are mentioned or described, the book additionally discusses various types of lenses available in the market, which one to prescribe, suitability of individual patient, and how to prescribe.


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