Presbyopia: Therapies and Further Prospects

by Gilg Alain-Nicolas

This book PRESBYOPIA: Therapies and Further Prospects deals with the well-known condition of presbyopia and the methods for treating it. It combines clearly written explanations with well-rendered illustrations. It gives clear vision on the use of specific tests, such as refractive measurement in children and the refractive examination of patients with hyperopia. It deals with various topics relevant to accommodation and its mechanisms. The chapters discuss the relationship between presbyopia and the different ametropias (hyperopia, myopia), as well as the possible optical compensations with correcting glasses, with the so-called progressive lenses or orthokeratological contact lenses. It highlights about multifocal presby-LASIK, monovision LASIK, pre-lens implants, multifocal implants; intrastromal corneal ring segments (ICRS), ciliary body sclerotomies, scleral expansion bands and conductive keratoplasty. The development of a ciliozonular tension ring system, aimed at ensuring the tension of zonular fibers is also described. The book consists of four chapters which explain the major factors of presbyopia, accommodation, ametropias, accommodative restoration, and optical compensations.


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