Five Steps to Start Your Refractive Surgery: A Case-Based Systematic Approach

Author: Sinjab Mazen M

Although there are numbers of textbooks regarding refractive surgery in the market, readers feel that they cannot find all what they need in only one book. They also feel that they have to read much to find what exactly they are looking for. And in spite of the vast number of refractive surgery courses conducted during conferences, the audience may feel that they do not get answers to all the questions that rise in their mind. In addition, during daily practice, refractive surgeons may wish to own a quick reference in their hands that is well ordered and easy to deal with. All the above reasons were behind writing this handbook. To make information easily accessible, simple language was used, a tabulated text was written, and a step-by-step systematic methodology was applied. Together with comprehensive illustrations, clinical aspects were integrated into basics to make use of any tiny information. To reach this goal, this handbook was composed of five steps consisting of nine chapters. Step one consists of four chapters dealing with corneal imaging and its clinical application in refractive surgery. Step two has one chapter discussing major refractive procedures. Step three has one chapter describing rules and recommendations in refractive surgery. Step four is a start-off step, consisting of two chapters, dealing with approaching the candidate and discussing refractive surgery complications. Step five presents clinical case-study.


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